iPad & Apple Pencil Rentals

An iPad/Apple Pencil Rental from eTech Rentals provides a powerful one-two punch for your next Conference, Event or Workshop. From event planning to registration to presentations – the iPad Apple Pencil Pairing is uniquely suited to take your Event to the next level, in terms of economy, efficiency, audience engagement and collaboration.


eTech Rentals does not handle rentals for personal use.

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iPad & Apple Pencil Rentals

Pre-Conference/Event Planning

The iPad and Apple pencil combination can enhance your next Event, Conference, Trade Show, Presentation or Workshop in so many ways. Planning and marketing can be streamlined using these two tools – iPad and Apple Pencil.

Just imagine your Conference Registration and Management is enhanced with the rental of the Apple Pencil – allowing true electronic signatures and ease of form completion.  Other benefits is this unique combo is portable and allows greater interactivity (vendors/polling/written surveys).

Sessions can be far more interactive with easy note taking (read below about how writing vs. typing is far superior) and presentation brainstorming sessions will benefit greatly from the use of the iPad/Pencil combination for communication and collaboration.

Conference Registration and Management

Registration payments and purchases of other add-ons may be made with the iPad/Pencil combination using true digital signatures and Event/Meeting Apps with embedded e-commerce capabilities. Orientation materials, supplemental resources, alerts, reminders and calendar/venue changes are easily downloaded on a common iPad/pencil platform. On-site Conference organizer personnel are freed up to deal with real issues (not scheduling or room changes, etc.) saving time and money.

Alleviate the technical issues associated with platform/App incompatibility – everyone’s on the same page. Everyone is charged up at the beginning of the day and only one type of charging station is required. iPads hold a charge for 8-10 hours and the Apple Pencil charges from the iPad, requiring only 15 secs for an additional 30 mins use.

Presentation Enhancement

Presentations can be launched from the Speaker’s iPad and sent to viewer’s iPads, where they can also take notes, annotate PowerPoint presentations, and query the speaker in real time all using the iPad and Apple Pencil Combo.

Attendees can easily participate in polling and questionnaire sessions post-presentation and in real time by writing their answers using the iPad and Apple Pencils. 


Hold the iPad in the palm of your hand, jot down notes and reminders on the run easily using the iPad and Apple Pencil on your lap or on a desk/clipboard/briefcase, use one handed so there’s no need for an awkward keyboard and the distracting click-click of typing. 

Networking and Vendor Interaction

Attendees can use their iPad to take photos of products and services offered by vendors, making notes and marking up photos. Vendors can provide additional product information details and contact information seamlessly using the common iPad platform. Networking is simplified using the iPad/Apple Pencil combination-scan and annotate business cards and other vendor materials. Right on the spot you can close deals and sign contracts with digital signage of PDF documents.

Improved Learning with Note Taking

Did you know that research shows that taking notes by hand rather than typing enhances the cognitive processes that improve learning and information retention? While you may be able to type faster than hand-writing notes, your cognitive processing of the learning material suffers. The time lag involved with hand-writing your notes encourages deeper thought processes, hence greater retention. Generative note taking encourages summarization, paraphrasing and concept mapping of learning materials.

The eTech Rentals technical team can pre-load note-taking Apps that provide collaborative, writing recognition and file management tools allowing you to fully utilize iPad/Apple Pencil’s note taking strengths. Apps, specifically designed for iPad/Apple Pencil combination, such as AudioNote2 and Noted App provide background audio recording capabilities allowing the attendee to review a presentation or collaborative workshop later that can further augment the retention of key points.

Other Apps enable whiteboard sharing, PowerPoint Presentation mark-ups, and handwriting recognition (convert your notes into digital documents). Non -English-speaking conference participants? NotesPlus provides support for 52 languages and even left-handed writing support. Let our eTech Rental eTechnicians prepare your iPad / Apple Pencil rentals with a note-taking App for your specific conference/workshop/presentation needs.


Planning an event/workshop that would benefit from attendee input and collaboration? Utilize the powerful iPad/Apple Pencil combo to encourage audience participation. Take advantage of the collective creativity to further provide product/idea development in a manner that allows for the least restrictive input channels and participant anonymity. Drawing, Note-taking and Whiteboard Apps can be loaded up on your iPads by our eTechnicians encouraging freelance participation and idea generation. You only need one “Gem in the Rough” to provide direction for your next product line. Encourage participants to explore the strengths and weaknesses, marketability, feasibility and practicality of a potential new product or idea easily with collboration apps that are easy with an iPad and Apple Pencil.

An iPad/Apple Pencil rental from eTech Rentals provides a powerful one-two punch for your next Conference/Event/Workshop. From the Event planning stages through the Event Registration/Management process and into the data collection/feedback driven improvement loop, the iPad/Apple Pencil Pairing is uniquely suited to take your Event to the next level, in terms of economy, efficiency and usability.

Speakers, Vendors and Attendees will benefit from the common information delivery and communication platform the iPad/Apple Pencil pairing provides. Our eTech Rental technology specialists can install a variety of Apps designed to your Event and Attendee’s needs. Note-taking; collaboration; and annotation of documents (PDFs), photos and presentations are all enhanced using the visually stunning, powerful iPad paired with the versatile, easy-to-use Apple Pencil. Make your next Event the one that’s talked about all year (until the next one)!



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