A Renter’s Guide: The 2020 MacBook Pro Features

We’ve talked a lot about what makes a MacBook Pro the ideal computer setup for creators of all types. It’s ideal for video editing, production, and multitasking in general. While there is rumored to be an updated version of the MacBook Pro on the horizon in 2021 that promises to be intriguing, today, we’re taking a detailed look at the currently-available 2020 MacBook Pro features. If you’re thinking of renting a MacBook Pro for a project or event, here’s your ultimate renter’s guide to this powerful computer. 

The MacBook Pro’s Physical Design

We’ll start with the physical design of the MacBook Pro. Apple is known for its sleek computers, and the Pro is no exception. The 2020 versions of the MacBook Pro include two options: a 13” model and a 16” model. The MacBook Air is also 13”, and we did a deep-dive comparison between the 2020 MacBook Air M1 and the 2020 MacBook Pro M1 that you can find here. Today, we’re focusing on the MacBook Pro 16” in particular. 

The Display

When it comes to design, the Pro’s 16-inch screen size makes a major difference regarding display. For creative projects specifically, the larger screen allows users to multitask more readily and to see multiple open files at once. It is a laptop, of course, so it doesn’t boast the huge screen of some desktop monitors, but as far as laptops go, the larger screen is helpful. It’s not so big that it’s cumbersome and it maintains easy portability, but the added three inches (compared to the 13” version) are worth it for most users.

The Sound

If you’re planning to use your MacBook Pro for solely professional sound-heavy projects, we recommend investing in professional-grade recording equipment (we’ve suggested some products here). However, if you’re using it for more general projects, you’ll be pleased with the sound capabilities on the 2020 MacBook Pro. It contains a six-speaker sound system that is better than past iterations — Apple notes that it “produces room-filling wide stereo sound like you’ve never heard from a notebook before.” And it has a “studio-quality” three-mic array that is said to offer super clean audio. For video conferencing, viewing webinars or online events, or working on collaborative projects, the included sound elements are strong.  

The Keyboard

Apple changed their standard keyboard up a bit with the 2020 MacBook Pro. The main difference is that they added a touch bar at the top of the keyboard that allows users to control certain elements by swiping rather than pressing specific buttons or using shortcuts. Some users like this, while others don’t find it very helpful. It’s rumored that the touch bar will be going away in the 2021 MacBook Pro models, so if you find it convenient, the 2020 model is for you. The keyboard also includes “Touch ID,” which allows you to login and make purchases quickly, easily, and securely rather than re-entering your information. Plus, it’s quiet and includes a force touch trackpad that feels intuitive.

The Ports

If you’re dealing with data transfers, the 2020 MacBook Pro does its best to streamline the process. It utilizes Apple’s Thunderbolt 3, which is a universal port that allows you to connect USB-C devices without an adapter. It includes four ports total, so there’s enough space for you to plug in the devices you need for most tasks. With a desktop monitor plugged in and the power source, you’re still left with two spots for other devices you might need.

The MacBook Pro’s Capabilities

Here’s where the 2020 MacBook Pro really shines. Apple calls it “by far the most powerful notebook we have ever made.” It boasts strong storage capabilities, an incredible display, and superfast speed. In short, it’s a great machine that can handle just about anything you throw its way, whether that’s 4K video production, film editing, or graphics-heavy projects. Plus, renting one allows you to receive it with the software you need pre-loaded and ready to go. 

The Processor

Interestingly, the 16” 2020 MacBook Pro contains the Intel Core i9 processor rather than the newer M1 chip that the 13” model contains. We’re hearing that the M1 chip may be included in the 2021 model that will likely be released in the fall. While the M1 chip does offer great user experience, the i9 processor is nothing to veer away from. It offers up to eight cores of processing power and is ideal for handling multiple files and long periods of steady workflow. 

The Memory

Similarly, the 2020 MacBook Pro’s memory capabilities are just plain strong. It allows for up to 64 GB of memory, which is ideal if you’re working with heavy software and large files. You can edit and multitask to your heart’s content without fear of the machine becoming bogged down. It uses 2666MHz DDR4 memory, so you can easily and smoothly work on intensive projects.

The Storage

The 2020 MacBook Pro 16” boasts “up to 8TB SSD storage,” which Apple notes is the “highest capacity in any notebook.” While we’re always fans of keeping an external storage option at hand to keep your machine as “clean” as possible, this storage capability makes it easy to take your work with you anywhere, without lugging around lots of extra equipment. This is a major benefit for photographers and videographers, who deal with storing multiple files at any given time. 

The Graphics

The graphics capabilities of the MacBook Pro are really what make it sing. It has the AMD Radeon Pro 5000M, which provides incredible horsepower for graphics. We’d venture to say that there’s no other machine that can handle graphics the way this one can. This means that handles playback and ultra-high-definition video superbly well. You also have the option to upgrade to the Radeon Pro 5600M, which is even more powerful and meant for creators who are working primarily on graphics-heavy production or development. 

Renting a MacBook Pro 

No matter your needs, Apple’s MacBook Pro is an ideal machine. It’s fast, quiet, portable, and capable of handling what you throw at it. If you’re an editor, producer, or creator that requires heavy software and complicated workflows, it’s an even more ideal fit. Our experts can cater a MacBook Pro specific to your needs — let us know how we can help with your next project.

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