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Nothing gives your message more impact or helps you elevate your event more than the bright bold images of a 4K display. 4K Display Rental from eTech Rentals will give you the best screens to captivate your viewers’ eyes to drive your messaging home with vivid awe-inspiring resolution from a 4k rental.

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4K TV Rentals

What exactly is a 4K Display?

4K refers to 4K resolution, meaning the image is 3840 horizontal pixels.  That’s 4 times the number of pixels than HDTV.  In other words, this relatively new technology is a very high resolution providing much greater contrast and detail in the picture.  

The bigger your display, the more important this detail becomes because the picture will be a lot clearer and sharper. This ultra-high definition means that it’s more interesting to look at which means it captivates the viewers more which means, yes, greater impact.  

When should I Rent a 4K Display vs a HDTV?

This really is a question that can be answered by the content you plan to show on the display.  Speak with your eTechnician and they will help you decide what will be the best way to display your content (or even help make your content show better on which ever monitor you choose to rent).   

If your content is produced at television quality there is no better way of displaying it than on a 4K Display rented from eTech Rentals. 

What sizes of 4K Displays do you have for us to rent?

We offer many sizes of 4K displays including 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, and even larger. You can choose from a range of professional stands and supporting equipment and you can be confident that we only rent displays from the highest-quality leading manufacturers.  

Contact eTech today to connect with one of our tech-savvy goto people to discuss your next project and which size 4K Display Rentals that best suit your rentals needs.

Can I use 4K Displays for Video Conferencing?
YES!  Video Conferencing on eTech Rental 4K displays can show numerous locations set up with professional Video Conferencing equipment all on a single 4K monitor with clear displays.
How can I use 4K Displays at my upcoming event?

If you don’t grab the attention of your attendees, whether it’s a small conference or a large scale outdoor experiential marketing event, then what’s the point? That’s why 4K Displays guarantee to turn some heads, promoting engagement and excitement.   

  • 4K is highly effective for both indoor events and outdoor as an eye-catching dynamic advertiser  
  • 4K is phenomenal for live streaming and audience engagement  
  • 4K displays are ideal for gaming and highlighting social media, such as a Twitter wall for increased participation 
  • 4K Displays can be used as a single monitor Video Wall that eTech Rental can help you program for different feeds into a side by side single monitor experience making set-up and upkeep much easier.   
Why eTech Rentals?

 eTech Rentals is a Technology Rental Company providing the most up-to-date technology, like 4K Displays, for your next event. Get your eQuote Today and experience the eTech way. 



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